Roles and Responsibilities

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As the Azureau family grows (domestically and globally) we want to keep our partners up to speed on who does what at HQ. Have a read through our roles below and click on our LCBO Processes and Sales Cycle to see how we are built for success!

Dan Rabinovitch
Company Leadership

SKYPE: dan.rabinovitch

WhatsApp: 416.895.6629

  • Brand and Sales Strategy
  • LCBO Head Office Sales
  • Agency Management

Kerri Henman
Trade Marketing

SKYPE: kerri.henman

WhatsApp: 647.998.5377

  • New supplier on-boarding
  • New item submissions
  • Post-sale trade & consumer marketing

Keana Montroro
Supply Chain


WhatsApp: 416.722.5554

  • LCBO Web-based systems
  • Packaging compliance
  • Product traffic flow
  • Sales analysis

Suzanne Wood
Finance and Administration


WhatsApp: 647.830.0163

  • LCBO Accounts Payable Liaison
  • Agency invoicing and financial reporting