All About Erste & Neue

Erste+Neue has been a significant contributor to the history of wine growing in Alto Adige for over a century. It was established in 1986 following the merger of the Erste Kellerei (“First Winery” founded in 1900) and the Neue Kellerei (“New Winery” founded in 1925). A further forward-looking step was taken in 2016 when it was affiliated with Cantina Kaltern.

Wine in Alto Adige has a thousand years of history, and we are committed to maintaining and passing on this tradition and wine-growing culture. Our ambitions have always been rooted in a strong pioneering spirit, which also finds expression in the modern design of our labels.

Alto Adige, the northernmost province of Italy, is located at the heart of the Alps, where Italy borders on Austria and Switzerland. One of the smallest wine-growing areas in Italy but – with vineyards on the slopes at the foot of 3,000 m high mountains in the north and on gentle sun-blessed hills in the south – it is also one of the most varied. A diversity of soils, elevations of between 200 and 1,000 m and a correspondingly multifaceted range of mesoclimates make it possible to cultivate over twenty different grape varieties.

Erste+Neue’s vineyard terraces are located at the center of the wine-growing province of Alto Adige. Pampered by the warming rays of the southern sun and cooled by the fresh Alpine air of the mountains, the grapes embody the attractive landscape and produce wines as ambassadors of this wonderful corner of the world.

With the experience of generations and their willingness to experiment, Erste+Neue today produces ten typical Alto Adige varieties.

Their wine maker’s ambition is to make every wine both an original and a discovery. The typicity of each variety is emphasized and full expression given to the characteristics of the area of origin.

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