All About Celler del Roure

Apart from being lovely wines, the Celler del Roure story is one of a return to history

Celler del roure was born in 1996 as a small family winery, that wanted to improve by learning from their ancestors.  In 2009, they began to research the possible use for aging of the buried clay jars that remained “asleep” in their “fonda cellar”, an underground gallery excavated more than three hundred years ago that houses 97 jars of capacities included between 600 and 2,800 liters. Abandoned in the dark days of the 1930s, they are busy renovating this special cellar and its amphorae. Of the 97 ancient jars, 20 have been dug out, renovated and re-buried.

Celler del Roure’s sandy-loam vineyards are at 600m altitude, nestled under Sierra La Solana. The nearest town, Moixent, is an hour or so south-west from Valencia.

A small but dynamic organic-certified estate, their vines are planted in a sand, limestone, chalk, and clay mix.

The vineyards are farmed manually and organically and harvests are by hand in small crates. Vine age ranges from 15 to 70 years old; they are using more and more whole clusters in the fermentation, finding the finished wines are more refined and savory – elements that are emphasized by the aging in amphorae.

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