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Rives Group is a 100% Spanish owned family business, specialising in the production and distribution of distilled spirits, liqueurs and non alcoholic concentrates. The Group combines traditional production processes with the most advanced technology to make its different products.

The company has a wide and varied range of own-brand products, including the Group´s flagship product, the Triple Distilled Rives Special Gin, in addition to being the clear market leader in Spain with its range of non alcoholic beverages.


1880. The Rives’ history dates back to 1880 when the company was established by Don Augusto Haupold, German consul in Malaga and visionary entrepreneur. He soon built the company into one of the pioneering wineries in the Jerez area, initially focused on the production and sale of local wine and brandy.

1900. Copper pot stills are used for the first time to make Rives Triple Sec and Rives Mint Liqueur along with other popular liqueurs of the time such as Coffee and Chocolate.

1965.The year 1965 marked a turning point in the history of Rives when D. Augusto Romero Haupold, grandson of the founder, took charge of the company at the express wish of his grandfather.

1976.. Rives modernised its facilities but only two years later moved to a new site which it owned in the industrial area of El Palmar, where it built a new distillery, state of the art blending and bottling facilities, boiler house, laboratory etc.

1979 Rives launches its new range of natural fruit based cordials named Rives Tropic, starting with the incredible Lime and Grenadine flavours. Kiwi, Banana and Blue Tropic were added to the range later and today it comprises 11 flavours in total.

1980. Triple Distilled Rives Special Gin is distilled for the first time.

1988. Rives launches its new Green Apple and Peach liqueurs. Today the liqueur range comprises 8 products: Green Apple, Peach, Wild Blackberry, Toasted Hazelnut, Amaretto, Cinnamon and Seville Orange Liqueur.

1995. Rives launches its new range of non-alcoholic liqueurs which includes Green Apple, Peach, Wild Blackberry, Hazelnut and Amaretto.

2013. Super premium vodka King Peter joins the Rives family. King Peter is distilled from the exclusive “Dankowskie” golden rye.

Today Rives is one of the leading brands in the Spanish market and we maintain our leadership position through the wide range of products we offer in our portfolio, which includes not only the finest liqueurs and spirits but also an extensive range of non-alcoholic products.


The company is located in El Puerto de Santa María in the province of Cádiz and boasts one of the most advanced distilleries in Europe with 30 m high column stills, two large hundred-year-old John Dore copper pot stills, which are used for the distillation of the botanicals and a reverse osmosis water treatment plant. The bottling area is responsible for packaging the entire production and comprises three bottling lines with a capacity of up to 18,000 bottles per hour. In addition, Rives has a state of the art laboratory which is responsible for quality control and the research and development of new flavours and colours for future launches. This activity gives Rives the agility and creativity to continue to lead product innovation in the market.

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