All About Dominio de Tares


Dominio de Tares is a leading winery in the Designation of Origin (D.O.) of Bierzo. Established in 2000 the winery has been a pioneer in the revival of the wines of Bierzo. They produce wines from the native varieties of northern Spain, grapes not available in other parts of the world.

The area has many different types of topography and sun exposure, ensuring the potential to produce different grapes. The average altitude is 650m above sea level and the soil is comprised of a mixture of clay, limestone, quartzite and shale. The Mediterranean climate is moderate, with cold winters and warm summers.

Combining traditional grape growing methods with modern technology in the winery ensures production of great white and red wines with regional expression. Vinification is made pago by pago, ‘plot by plot’, to respect the identity of terroir and the maximum character of the indigenous grape varieties.

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